3 years on…

I discovered spoken word at 23 when I was interning at a government agency in St.Kitts. Every month there was an open mic and during my last month on the island, I got brave, wrote a poem and shared my words.

Last night, three years ago, I stepped onto the stage in Toronto for the first time. Three years later I cannot believe how much that moment changed the trajectory of my life. I’m now a full time artist doing well with what I love to do.

I use to sometimes think about the youth I work with, who discovered their love for writing and performing from a young age, and wonder how different thing may have been if I would have discovered my passion in high school or earlier. It took me a while to realize that discovering your passion is not an age thing. You can get good at something and change the direction of your life at any age if you want it bad enough. It’s the moment you stop comparing yourself to others and just let your words take flight, even if there is no one to bear witness to it but you.

“Instead of basking in the stage light, harness your own light”

– Saul Williams

graffiti park bench


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