This summer has taken me to N.Y., Puerto Rico, London and Montreal. Before I went to England for three weeks, I organized the Free Your Voice Youth Slam, as part of Unity Charity’s annual festival. I got to witness some of the youth I work with really shine on the stage and break new grounds with their poetry. It was inspiring beyond words.

There are days when I still question whether poetry is the right path. My mind gets clouded with concerns about long term sustainability and security. Making the decision to be a full time artist was not an easy one. And the decision might have been different if I were not surrounded by incredible people and community. Gratitude is the best medicine.

Here is an excerpt from a poem I wrote, inspired by the artists in my life.

For some of us, art is not a place we travel to as “real life” passes us by

There is a difference between a vacation and a vocation

Living for what makes you breath is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

They call us starving artists not because we’re broke

But because we choose to stay hungry

For the art that feeds us, the life force that speaks to us

And all we have to do….is listen.


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. I loved this poem when you performed it at Hart House this evening. So validating and inspiring! Artists! Stay strong! What an amazing night. Can’t wait for the next! – Andy McParrot

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