The 9th Annual Toronto International Poetry Slam

This was one hell of a night.  With 19 fierce poets battling it out, amazing music provided by DJ Manifest and lots of support from the audience.

In round 1, I pulled the anchor spot and then pulled the 1 in both the second and third round. I can’t comment too much on the poets who were spitting, cause I was in competition mode and focusing on getting myself right for the mic. When all scores were tallied up, Prufrock and I were tied for first place. Last time this happened was the Up From The Roots qualifier for the Vancouver Intl Poetry Slam, and I ended up grabbing the win. This time Prufrock took the gold. He killed it. Watch out for him at Toronto Underground Indies in Oct.

One highlight from the night was Toronto veteran poet Naila Keleta-Mae connecting with me after the show. She is someone I have much respect and admiration for and it’s such an honour to receive validation from her.

It’s a little disappointing being .3 points away from being the first woman to ever win TIPS but I got so much mad love and support last night, I feel blessed to have been able to share words, with or without the win. I just have to say that I feel exceptionally privileged to be part of this slam community. After every poem, I got hugs from my peers. Poems can be heavy to share but it’s easier to stand in your truth when you know you have people who have your back.

Up From the Roots team repped hard. Tomy brought it heavy with 2 new pieces. Shooly always makes a crowed fall in love with him. Patrick, our team alternate, (19!) came in 3rd place. And Dwayne was hosting, but you best believe he’s been writing some new hot rhymes. Don’t sleep on us for CFSW! ?page_id=41

Here’s Dwayne’s recap of the night. the-9th-annual-toronto-international-poetry-slam


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