Slam Fever

Last Thursday night I headed to Kensington Market for the Love, Heartbreak and Sex Poetry Slam. It was a packed house. The host, Cathy Petch is like no other. I was pretty low energy going in to the slam but soon fed off the energy of the audience. Dwayne Morgan and I went head to head in the last round and I only just won the slam, but it was crazy close.

Sunday was the Roots Lounge open mic and Poetry Slam. I had just come back from Peteborough that day and had a ton of work to do, but intuition told me that I should head to the slam.  There were some fierce poets competing, including PrufRock from Ottawa. He is a master word spinner, a member of the 2010 national winning team and a dear brother.

In the second round Truth Is dropped some epic new poetry, Patrick de Belen did his classic cartoons poem, and David Delisca has so much swagga, he started doing a poem then changed his mind and switched to a different one. I went really heavy and shared a poem that made me break down on stage.


I have stones in my throat

Graveyard catacombs for all the words

That have been laid to rest

Before syllable could even burn on this fiery tongue

And roll dead out of my mouth

I have stones in my throat.

PrufRock and I tied for first spot. And I was in my coat, scarf and hat, heavy heart, exhausted and just about to head home when host, Lorraine Reid, gets a text from Dwayne Morgan saying we need to have one more round to decide the winner. You see this slam was a qualifier for Canadian Individual Slam Championship in Vancouver coming up in April, so a tie was no good. We all take our seats again and get ready. Again, it was crazy close. I won by .1 or something like that.  Probably the most intense slam I’ve ever found myself in. Respect to Lorraine Reid and DJ Manifest for holding it down and gratitude to those who helped me stay grounded that night.


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