Women of the World Toronto Qualifiers

Tonight marked the 1 year anniversary of me stepping to the Toronto poetry scene. Last year, I stepped up strong, ranking second place. This year I came with my all and I’ll be repping Toronto at the Women of the World Slam in Columbus, OH!  I love everything that WOW represents and I can’t wait to grow and learn from this experience.

There were some folks who were there last year who saw me make my poetry debut who were there tonight – Chrissy, Tito, Sister Brit and Alex – so much love and gratitude. This is really a time for me to give thanks for all the incredible support, mentorship and love I’ve received over the last year.  Thank you Tomy, El, Dwayne, Tanya, Keeks, Dave Silverberg, Eddy, Lyme and Tings crew and many many others who have supported me in one way or another.

A few words of recap about the night:

My girl, Kiki, killed it. So intimidating to slam against one of your best friends who also happens to be a microphone assassin. Mahlikah’s words always hit me in the gut…the world needs to hear her truth. Britta B shook the room with her courage. Amanda is the funniest host who (much like myself) thrives on creating awkward moments. The audience was hype all night. We all missed Jill Christmas. Big shout out to all the men who came and supported.

And so…

At this point in time, our world seems to be moving towards a critical mass of revolution. And sometimes it feels kind of wack getting caught up in the everyday details of my life as BIG BIG things are happening around the globe. Politics and global revolution aside, tonight I just celebrated the small revolution of finding my voice through spoken word and the journey it has taken me on.  That being said, my roommate and I have decided to take up Parkour so that when the revolution comes, we’ll both be ready!


2 thoughts on “Women of the World Toronto Qualifiers

  1. Congratulations Lish!

    It is a thrill to see how you have and continue to grow… I am proud to have a part in the journey… All the best in OHIO. Spread love to the Rustbelt familia…

    Blessings and Respect,

    1. Lady L:

      Jah give you the tongue of the learned so you know how to speak a word in season to them that are weary: Be awakened. Yor ear awaken to hear as one that is given the gift of wisdom and understanding.

      Listen up world here she comes!

      Let your words continue to herald truth, light, life and love…


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