Word Spinner

Are you ready?

To defend your words to the death

Draw saws without the S

So that your words bleed poetry into my flesh

and make me whole again

To transcend time zones

Crawl into history

Swim through embryonic memory

In the blinking of an eclipse

Claw our way out of this apocalypse

Fall into each others lips

Slip verse into pockets lined with the dreams

that we convince ourselves to forget

Forget reality

Forget rhyming

Forget having ever been in love

So that we can forget the heart ache and learn how to love real again.

I am hungry for you to encase me in Gods divinity.

Paint it for me with the pattern of your tongue

Tell it to me in tongues

Tell it to me backwards


divinity Gods in me encase to you for hungry I am

I am

I think I am…

I think thoughts that climb rooftops and cradle sunsets

Spins words like an old vintage record

Press record, count me in

1,2,3 there4 I am.


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